A Static Website Generator built entirely with the modern Javascript, A.K.A ES2015/ES6 ES2016/ES7

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Harmonic is yet another JavaScript static website generator, but modern.
Harmonic's core is built using the latest JavaScript features.
By using the ECMA-262 Standard we're helping the language to evolve and also learning how to play with it.
Besides that, Harmonic actually does the "static website generator" job pretty well.


Harmomic is built using the mordern JavaScript (ES2015/ES6 - ES2016/ES7). Take a look at the code, start learning the new JavaScript and fell free to contribute.

Hack the code


As usual in a static website generator, you can focus on your content. Just write some markdown files and Harmonic will take care of everything, including pages, articles, categories and themes.


Easy to start

You will need Node.js >= 0.10 or io.js

Harmonic is available as npm module:

npm install harmonic -g

Now you're able to build
your awesome website!

Check out the documentation in Harmonic's wiki

harmonic init "my_awesome_website"
cd my_awesome_website
harmonic run
# Harmonic site is runing at http://localhost:9356

Now you're ready to create posts!

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Harmonic in action

The website is already online JSROCKS